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Rich and Tim

It has been some time since I have introduced the team so I thought I would blog/brag about everyone here at SDG. I would like to start with our leaders, Rich Badders and Tim Gilpin who have been here the longest.  Rich joined the family business right out of college and Tim shortly after. They both have been designing for over 20 years now and have worked diligently to build their clientele and manage their teams.

I get the pleasure of assisting them with design consultations.  I am amazed at how connected and knowledgeable they are with current design styles, architectural codes and research, construction material selection, and how they advocate for their clients. They work tirelessly to keep us noticed and respected in our community. A typical day for them would be meeting with clients to design new homes, commercial spaces or additions/remodels, meeting with their teams to review accuracy and quality of plans, coordinating with engineering consultants, assisting builders in the field, and responding to city requests to ensure plans are ready for permitting.  It’s a jam-packed day and they have the energy and attitude to get it done.

On a personal note, if you popped into our office, you would see Rich making the team laugh with his dad jokes along with some sing along karaoke (poor Alexa) and feeding us his fresh weekend catches. Tim would be giving individual attention to each employee chatting about their projects or weekend happenings. They are serious about their job, but they also make time for fun, laughter and connection. Rich and Tim bring so much to our business, we wouldn’t be where we are today without their dedication and ability to juggle so much.  

Thank you, Tim and Rich, for everything you do! Your SDG Team

SDG Team

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