Rod Collman AIA, President, sdg Architecture By keeping pace with contemporary treatment methods, architecture firms can design buildings that meet the needs of memory care, enhancing the quality of life of residents. Emily Study, Content Marketing Specialist at International Medical Group, addressed the role of art and interior design in the wellbeing of patients with […]

Rethinking Memory Care Architecture

Memory Care

Rod Collman AIA, President, sdg Architecture My experience with facilities for Affordable Housing, Assisted Living, Memory Care and Hospice services have been both professional and personal. As an architect, I want to know more about the people who will be using the buildings we design. Health Facilities Management reported in an article titled Designing for […]

Key Concepts for Architectural Environments in Memory Care


Rod Collman AIA, President, sdg Architecture As an architect, I have had opportunities to design elder care and hospital facilities. Working with my previous firm for 50 years, I had the pleasure of collaborating with an in-house team of interior designers who understood the positive effect of their work on those who would use the […]

The Impact of Art in Memory Care Environments