Rod Collman AIA, President sdg Architecture In the Lean Six Sigma context of creating order over chaos, sensory cues can calm stressful clinical environments making them more welcoming and comfortable. A remodel or new construction of a healthcare facility with a strong focus on aesthetics is an opportunity to provide a place where patients, family, […]

Aesthetics of Healthcare Architecture and Lean Six Sigma

Healthcare Architecture

Rethinking healthcare architectural design through the process improvement methodology of Lean Six Sigma, combined with modern technology and more comfortable environments, results in less employee turnover; more highly trained, engaged and satisfied staff; and happier, healthier consumers.

Planning Efficient Healthcare Architecture: Design and Lean Six Sigma


The future of healthcare architecture will be focused on efficiency, safety, flexibility, team input and putting the patient first. Lean Six Sigma provides ongoing process improvement toward these goals. Rod Collman, AIA, sdg Architecture My mother spent her last five years in a 15-bed assisted living facility that had a family-like and home-like atmosphere. The […]

Challenges of Future Healthcare Design and the Role of LEAN Six Sigma