SDG Employee Spotlight – Jerry Angel

I am excited to introduce Jerry Angel as our spotlight employee this month. He started with us in 2017 and has been Rich Badders (President) right hand man ever since. Jerry has worked his way up and proven his professionalism and dedication to our company. He has been a sponge to our processes and techniques which has paved his way to become one of our Project Managers and longest standing employee here at Shorelines Design Group.

Jerry is grateful to have started in commercial structural design early on in his career, but he did say it created some challenges when he started working for us… “designing residential homes requires more attention to detail, it takes practice and vision to understand how structure, floor plans and elevation views all connect to create an aesthetically pleasing design.” Jerry loves working on new home designs the most, “I love the freedom to create a fresh new clean design from start to finish.”

Future is Bright

2021-2022 was a big year for Jerry, not only did he become a Project Manager here at SDG, but he also married the love of his life Francine and purchased his first home in Tampa, Florida. Jerry is a very compassionate person and is one you might see in our office helping others with computer issues, making someone laugh or just checking up on others to see how he can help make their day better. I asked Jerry where he sees himself in 5 years and he said, “I would like to develop more client focused new home designs and create 3-D renderings helping customers see their visions.” Jerry is one of a kind and we are so thankful he is on our team!

In Jerry’s Words

I was born in Dominican Republic and migrated to the US to pursue my studies. I remember coming from a small island and looking at the New York City skyline. I was in awe of how impressive it was. I was always interested in architecture since I was young, always found buildings fascinating and an art form.

After graduating high school, I was not able to immediately afford school to pursue my architectural career. I started studying for computer networking but kept looking for a path to see how to get into the architecture field.

My father started working for an office as an expediter (running plans for an architecture firm) and he introduced me to AutoCAD. He showed me three commands and I was up and running. Most of the drawings at the time were for interior renovations and for existing conditions but it got my foot in the door. University was still not affordable, so I had to pursue an associate’s program first and then use that as a steppingstone to pursue my degree.

After working on the field for about three years an opportunity presented itself in the Washington DC area and I joined a structural engineering firm. Even though it was a small office they did everything from high rise buildings, churches, government facilities, commercial and residential projects. This is where I started doing more complex work and started honing my craft.

At Shoreline Design Group I was given the opportunity to do what I always wanted to do! Design and complete drawings for gorgeous residential homes. At the guidance of the amazing designers, we have here I have been able to get to the next level. I have been very proud of the work I have been a part of so far and looking forward to growing in this wonderful environment.

Jerry’s Hobbies

  • I have a very big family, so I enjoy taking trips with them.
  • Music is a huge way for me to relax, I can listen to anything.
  • Main way to relax is to do graffiti but I do not vandalize, I just do it on paper.

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  1. Lidiya says:

    Congrats Jerry. Well deserved spotlight!

  2. Rich Badders says:

    Jerry is a vibe!

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